Sunday, March 5, 2017

'Duplex City': Commended Finalist of NZ Photobook of the Year Awards

My self-published book 'Duplex City' was awarded a Commended prize at the New Zealand Photobook of the Year Awards on Friday. Below you can read the judges' comments:

Judges' Comment
A complex interweaving of visual narratives, achieved through disciplined editing and design. Great tactility. Exceptional photography. International appeal. A book in which the design mirrors the complexity of the culture and lifestyles that are its subject.

Smart, sharp, global and local views of cross-cultural experiences, packaged in a spectacular collage of book making. A book where the self-conscious act of photographing is almost invisible and the design skilfully imitates the chaos of the life depicted.

The physicality of this publication is experimental. The different page sizes and paper stocks combined with different image combinations, present a playfully designed object.

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